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  • Separation & Divorce

    Separation Lawyer Columbia SC A divorce and a legal separation are similar, however there is a notable difference. A divorce is the legal end of a marriage, and while a legal separation resolves the same issue as a divorce (child custody, property rights, establishment of child and spousal support etc.), the... Read more »

  • Child Custody & Visitation

    Child Custody & Visitation Lawyer Columbia SC Custody and visitation arrangements can either be decided independently by the parents, or by the courts. Generally such decisions hinge upon what is considered to be in the "best interest" of the child, including factors such as:   Contact Child Custody & Visitation Lawyer in Columbia,... Read more »

  • Child Support

    Child Support Lawyer Columbia SC All parents, whether they’re married to each other or not, must support their children financially. Every state has its own child support guidelines; these are the starting point for every decision about who will pay child support and how much. In general, the primary factors the... Read more »

  • Alimony

    Alimony Lawyer Columbia SC Alimony is a payment to or for a spouse or former spouse under a divorce or separation instrument. It does not include voluntary payments that are not made under a divorce or separation instrument. Alimony is deductible by the payer and must be included in the spouse’s... Read more »

  • Property Division

    Property Division Lawyer Columbia SC Dividing the marital property during a divorce proceeding can be very complex. Many people don’t understand their rights or what assets should be included in the “community property” pool that will be divided Contact Property Division Lawyer in Columbia, SC now 

  • Paternity

    Paternity Lawyer Columbia SC Right after your baby is born, you can encourage the father to start the paternity process by signing the Affidavit of Parentage  while you are still in the hospital.  This action will allow the father’s name to be placed on the birth certificate. You can also take... Read more »

  • Name Change

    Name Change Lawyer Columbia SC When you change your name, you will want to change all of your identification to reflect the new name. Legal documents such as leases, mortgages, and car titles will need to change. Credit cards and gym memberships should also be amended. While many of these things... Read more »

  • International Cases

    International Cases Lawyer Columbia SC International law is a collection of laws that are accepted as governing the relations between states. There are three types of international law: public international law, private international law, and supranational law Contact International Cases Lawyer in Columbia, SC now 

  • Personal Injury

    Personal Injury Columbia SC Personal injury law involves injury which is caused accidentally by another's failure to use reasonable care. The definition of reasonable care is determined on a case-by-case basis. A person may be liable for the injury caused through negligent or reckless action. The injury to the plaintiff... Read more »

  • Property Damage

    Property Damage Lawyer Columbia SC No matter what happened, you need to evaluate all the possible consequences that can result from a criminal conviction. You may think it was a childish or minor offense, but the result could affect your future in ways you haven’t considered. Contact Property Damage Lawyer in... Read more »

  • Medical Bills

    Medical Bills Lawyer Columbia SC Unfortunately many more individuals and families are struggling with paying their medical debt as well as other health care bills. Hundreds of thousands of people are declaring bankruptcy every year from an overwhelming amount of medical debts. The expenses that patients are incurring at their local... Read more »

  • Pain & Suffering

    Pain & Suffering Lawyer Columbia SC Pain and suffering describes the physical pain and emotional distress a victim endures as a result of a personal injury accident. Emotional distress (also called “mental anguish”) can include depression, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, and more. Contact Pain & Suffering Lawyer in Columbia, SC now 

  • Lost Wages

    Lost Wages Lawyer Columbia SC Proving your lost wages claim can be complicated, and it’s best to seek representation by an experienced personal injury lawyer. A lawyer can go through all of the facts of your case and determine the potential value of your lost wages Contact Lost Wages Lawyer in... Read more »

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